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Case Report: Challenging Experiences of Third Country Individuals in European Seasonal Agriculture Jobs


In this case report, we examine the experiences of a third country individual who applied for a seasonal agriculture job in Denmark. The individual, residing in Hungary, pursued this opportunity as part of their studies and signed a job agreement with a Danish farmer who owned a small agricultural farming company. However, the individual encountered various challenges throughout the visa application process, resulting in financial loss and disappointment.

Case Description:
The individual initially applied for an internship work permit online through the official website of the Danish immigration authorities. They paid a substantial amount for this permit, considering their student status and limited financial resources. Subsequently, they proceeded to the Vienna embassy to apply for the visa, where they again paid a significant fee. It was a considerable financial burden for the individual to bear, given their circumstances.

After a month of waiting, the prospective host employer contacted the individual, expressing their inability to handle the extensive questioning from the immigration authorities. As a farmer, the employer felt ill-equipped to address the inquiries satisfactorily. Consequently, the employer regretfully informed the individual about the authorities’ concerns, leading to the termination of the job offer.

The individual found themselves in a distressing situation, having already invested a substantial amount of money in the visa application process. This setback was particularly disheartening, considering the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the immigration authorities questioned the employer’s decision to hire a third country national, suggesting they should prioritize hiring Europeans, EEA citizens, or neighboring country residents. Such complex queries required legal expertise to address adequately, beyond the capacity of an ordinary farmer. Unfortunately, the individual’s personal economy suffered greatly, while the local economy thrived.

This case highlights several issues faced by third country individuals seeking employment opportunities in European countries, specifically in seasonal agriculture jobs. The individual expresses their concerns about the visa application process, emphasizing the need for clear communication regarding eligibility criteria. They suggest that immigration authorities should only advertise visa options on their websites for EU and EEA nations to prevent individuals from needlessly wasting their financial resources.

This case report sheds light on the personal and financial struggles faced by the individual during their pursuit of a seasonal agriculture job in Denmark. The dreams and aspirations of this hardworking student were dashed as a result of bureaucratic challenges and the limitations of their prospective employer, who lacked the necessary expertise to navigate the complexities of the immigration system. This unfortunate experience not only impacted the individual’s personal economy but also highlights the need for fair and transparent policies that do not discriminate based on nationality.

The case of this third country individual serves as a poignant example of the hurdles faced by aspiring workers seeking seasonal agriculture jobs in Europe. It underscores the importance of transparent communication, fair treatment, and non-discriminatory practices in the visa application process. By addressing these concerns, European countries can foster an environment that values diversity and equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their nationality.



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