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Motor Bike accident took the life of innocent Old person in Garelth Hunza

Hunza:  It was about 9 pm at night, a motorbike cyclist has hit Ashiq Hussain age 61, a resident of Garelth Hunza. He was crossing the road and the motorbike was very fast without a headlight and the man was crossing the road near the GBPWD office. He was seriously injured and was shifted to Govt. Hospital Gilgit, where his last breath has stoped its function. The locals are demanding from district administration to take serious action on it so that to avoid future accidents.  

Due to bad driving practices by untrained and unskilled drivers. Many accidents have taken over Hunza. In recent days two people lost their life in Garelth Hunza by road accidents. The district administration is doing nothing against it but they only passed RIP comments. law and order should be strict to save lives in the future. There need to be proper planning and need of the hour to take action against the culprits of such road accident. This issue needs to take seriously so that From Gainsh Bridge to Hassanabad Bridge, there should be strict traffic rules. Many precious people in the past have lost their lives in this area of the road. The main reasons for accidents are wrong parking, lack of parking, damp of raw material on roadsides, construction work, canals, without light vehicles at night, over speed in population area, ignorance of traffic rules, unfit vehicles and etc.



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