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Viral Video Unfairly Tarnishes Reputation of Shiskin Inn Resort and Hunza Region

On July 9, 2024, a video went viral on social media aiming to tarnish the reputation of a 3-star hotel named Shiskin Inn Resort located at Attabad Lake, along with casting a negative light on the Hunza region. The video showcased a hole in one of the hotel’s bathrooms. It’s important to note that this hole was part of ongoing construction work and was not intended to invade anyone’s privacy. The first floor of the hotel was open to guests, and the hole was meant for installing a sewerage pipe to the upper-floor bathroom, covered temporarily with two blocks for safety. Guests were already aware of the construction activities as they had seen it themselves.

A video was reportedly made by Asif, a guide from an unregistered tour company called Tourista Adventure based in Lahore, along with the owner Mehran. The video’s purpose seems to be to damage the reputation of both Hunza and a hotel. It’s speculated this was done to avoid paying a large hotel bill amounting to 488,000 rupees.
Under this company 113 guests had a stay at the hotel from July 1st to July 3rd and on 9th july some of them have publish video for personal interest.

The hotel owners are disappointed by the breach of trust by the tour company, which had brought guests to their hotel before. They are asking authorities to take action against those who spread false information.They believe this misinformation has harmed the hotel’s reputation and the beautiful Hunza region.
The incident grabbed the attention of journalists, but some of them reported on it without knowing all the facts. Now, there’s a call for the Gilgit-Baltistan government to get involved and take action against those who are responsible. This request stresses how important it is to protect small businesses from unfair criticism.



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