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Gircha Gojal Hunza-Uper Hunza

( Girča wakhi, گرچہ Urdu ) is a village in the Gojal Tehsil of Hunza in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. It is one of the oldest Wakhi villages in Hunza, settled by Bobo e Sufi, who was the first man to permanently settle in the region and the ancestor of present Wakhis. When clans of Bobo e Sufi settled in Avegarch later, they kept using fertile farms of Gircha to grow crops.

Gircha remained a center of activities in the era of Mirs of Hunza afterwards, Mir Sulum asked Avegarchic to build a fort (Qelha) so that he could get help from Avegarchics, when he started dealing through the Silk Road. Gircha was later Settled by some other Wakhis from Wakhan besides Baba Sufi progeny. Some Burushashki speaking families from central Hunza were settled during the reign of Mir Nazim Khan and some plots of land were also allotted to settlers of Nazimabad. Gircha has long served as home and helped many new immigrants to settle and flourish in the region. It has gone under destructive soil erosion since 1935 which has forced Girchaics to move to other villages, namely Ghalapan, Muurkhun, Jamalabad, Sost and Nazimabad. The main language spoken in the Gircha village is Wakhi.

An old mosque preserved by the local community at Gircha Gojal Hunza


The word “Gircha” is considered to come from Grich which means a hut near spring water. An alternative theory supposes that Gircha comes from the snail shell/ Kišrif Wakhi or reefs found in Gircha, which are of great archeological interest.

According to numerology, the study of the significance of numbers, one is the life path number for Gircha.


About 91% Wakhi from wakhan having a IndoIranian Origin which is considered as old Persian by some researchers and 09% Burushaski , with a Macedonian origin from Central Hunza

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