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Rakaposhi Peak Hunza


Rakaposhi is a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range in the Gilgit-Baltistan territory of Pakistan. It is situated in the middle of the Bagrote valley, Nagar valley and danyor, approximately 100 km north of the city of Gilgit. Rakaposhi is also known as Dumani. It is ranked 27th highest in the world.
The first successful recorded ascent by non-natives was in 1958 by Mike Banks and Tom Patey, members of a British expedition, via the Southwest Spur/Ridge route. Both of them suffered minor frostbite during the ascent to the summit on June 25. Another climber slipped and fell on the descent and died during the night.
Rakaposhi is notable for its exceptional rise over local terrain. On the north, it rises 5,900 metres (19,357 ft) in only an 11.2 km (7 mi) horizontal distance from the Hunza-Nagar River. There are views of Rakaposhi from the Karakoram Highway on the route through Nagar. A tourist spot in the town of Gilgit (located in the bagrote valley ) called “Zero Point of Rakaposhi” is the closest view point of the mountain.

Rakaposhi is the only mountain in the world which rises straight from beautifully cultivated fields to the height of 25,550 feet. From many places this wonderful spectacle can be viewed right from the base to the top.




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