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Clean and safe Drinking water is the right of every citizen of any nation.

protest against unclean water

Hunza Community is compelled to drink contaminated water

The district administration(GB Government-Pakistan Government) has failed to deliver its services for its citizens. Safe and clean drinking water is the right of each individual and it’s also mentioned in Pakistan law as well. Many projects were postponed due to bad political, religious interference and inadequate funds. The too much formality system in government offiles makes dificult for citizens to understand any project.

It has been more than 10+ years that Ganish community is compelled to drink contaminated water. You may have a question that How water pollution takes place in Hunza? There has been researched on Hunza water at the international level. You can find authentic information on the internet. It is true that Hunza people were living more than 100+ ages back to some years but now that time has completed changed now the average age of Hunza people fall below 90. These drastic changes are due to many factors. It is not possible to mention all those factors here. One of the main factors is Water. Many people suffer from typhoid and other diseases. The Hospitals are full of water-borne diseases. In some cases, these diseases convert into cancer.

Ganish Hunza, is the oldest settlement of the state HUNZA. It dated back to more than 1000 years old. The main roots of Hunza community are originated from GANISH and spread across HUNZA. The Ganish include:

Main Ganish, Buldas, shuknoshal, Chobikusal, Chill Ganish, Garelth and Mominabad

The territory of Ganish Starts from the middle of Attaabad lake finished at Sheraz,Hyderabad. It also connects Karimabad at zero point Hunza and Altit at Altit bridge. Ganish is the biggest village of Hunza according to its area. The diverse people of faith live here. Dated back to 1000 years, many migrants from different parts of the world especially Iran, China, Albina, Macedonia and etc, came over here and settled. Hunza became the biggest migrants hub at that time. Hunza used to be an independent state, it had its own king system. The king system has never been good for any nation in history. As you have seen that how downfall has happened to many kings. The kings were treating people as a servant. The freedom of people was captured by kings. Similarly, it happens in Hunza. In 1975, the Hunza state merge with Pakistan under specified UN Conditions. It is still disputed territory. Pakistan didn’t fully recognize GB so that we don’t have any representatives in Pakistan national assembly.

Hunza Water

The above picture has been taken by (Abbas) an environmentalist and socialists individual. Glass 1 has filtered from the water of Glass 3 and 2. I have to install a filtered project at home with a very simple method and at a cheap price. It has cost me USD 200. As it is not a sustainable solution and this will only affordable by middle-class people but what about lower-class families. who directly use unclean tap water. Those people even don’t have any facilities. They are looking for a blessing and miracles. Some were looking towards the government and some are waiting for international projects but the time of waiting has been so long and didn’t respond to anything.

There is one project, which was built with the funded by the international community and the project was hand over to the district administration. The Hunza community has benefited from it for many years and due to zero maintenance by the district administration, this project become failed. This project was limited to a small area but due to population explosion and building of new commercial buildings including many hotels. The project becomes insufficient.

Causes of water polltion in Hunza:

Hunza water is coming from glaciers and mostly the water is press and cleans at its origin. The water channel pass-through from cultivated land, houses, roads, gardens, etc. During its passing through wastewater from these sources mixed with channel water and make it contaminated.

Second reason is ,the water bring its self too much sand,which cause pollution.

Third, there are environmental issues that make Hunza water contaminated. Due to the over-harvesting of natural plants, floods, and other calamities appear in society.

What is the solution?

The district administration should work on community development projects without political and religious interference. The district administration should visit the area regularly to observed the issues.

The government should make separate channels for wastewater besides clean water channels so that they don’t mix with each other.

The impurities could be filter easily by putting water on standby or to make traditional filter method.


Instead of depending on foreign aids, the district administartion and community should utilize the resources to make the best out of it and to provide the proper solutions. In Hunza, mostly the Ismaili community and 10 % of Shina live here. They are hidden religious factors that make the Hunza backward from development. People have hate for each other inside, they don’t express but they do in other forms. The district administration sitting on their comfort tables and waiting for the upper class to come and discuss any issue.

Note: It has published with personal experienced and observance in the area.This article may not hurt an individual view or any idea.After you reading this article on Issue of Water in Hunza,feel free to drop your idea ,suggestion,solution or any comment in below. Thanks for reading!



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