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Hunza Times

Hunza Times is a local newspaper that serves the Hunza Valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of northern Pakistan. Founded in 2015, Hunza Times has quickly become a trusted source of news and information for the community, covering a wide range of topics including local news, politics, culture, and sports.

One of the unique features of Hunza Times is its focus on promoting the cultural and social traditions of the Hunza people. The newspaper often covers events and festivals that are important to the community, such as the Hunza Cultural Festival, which celebrates the region’s rich cultural heritage.

In addition to its coverage of local news and events, Hunza Times also covers national and international issues that affect the Hunza community. The newspaper has a team of experienced journalists who work hard to bring accurate and timely news to its readers.

Overall, Hunza Times is an important source of information for the Hunza community, providing valuable coverage of local, national, and international issues. Its focus on promoting the cultural traditions of the Hunza people makes it a valuable resource for both residents of the region and outsiders who are interested in learning more about this unique and fascinating part of Pakistan.



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