Hunza valley is presumably Pakistan’s most visited valley, by the travelers. It is a fantasy land encompassed by gorgeous tough and snow-covered mountains. Just a good ways off of 100 Kms. from Gilgit, Hunza is a modest community on Karakorum Interstate. At the height of 7000 – 800 feet it is the principal primary town or stops assuming that you are entering Pakistan from China. Hunza valley has wonderful lakes, high mountains, and white glaciers.it gives a delightful scene that engages vacationers. The perspective on Hunza valley in harvest time season is exceptionally overall quite in winter the sheet of white snow covers the entire valley.

  1. Peace Environment
  2. People and Culture
  3. Mountains & Glaciers
  4. Festivals and Celebrations
  5. Fruit Orchards
  6. Wildlife
  7. Long Last History
  8. Tunnels on CPEC Route/Karakorum highway and beautiful Lakes
  9. Hunza special Recipes
  10. Hunza Hotels Facilities

Peace Environment

Peace and Harmony is the character of Hunza individuals. The residents are agreeable and anxious to help. They will cause you to feel at ease. That is the reason Hunza is visited by huge number of sightseers consistently.

People and Culture

The famous celebration is toward the start of the Spring Blooming season which offers individuals a chance to get together and appreciate life. Presentations, sports programs, and social shows draw in travelers. This celebration is the social legacy of the locale. The way of life of this area emerges from social traditions and as well as from strict practices on births, relationships, and passings.

Mountains & Glaciers

Hunza valley has the regular excellence of ice sheet that is extremely high on the mountain. Vacationer visits these ice sheets for happiness and to be close to the excellence of nature. God favored the Hunza valley with a lovely glacial mass

Hunza Peaks lies in the westernmost subrange of the Karakoram range in Pakistan, alongside the Ladyfinger Pinnacle (Bublimating). It lies on the southwest edge of the Ultar Sar massif, the most southeasterly of the significant gatherings of the Batura Muztagh.

Festivals and Celebrations

The principal events festivities are Novroz, Ginani, and Salgirahs, on these events heavenly food customary touch make in the locale, particularly Sharbat and Harisa. The district is well known for mulberry and excellent diagrams, past these apricots, plums and cherry are different natural products. Individuals develop maize, wheat, peas, and vegetables.

Fruit Orchards

Hunza individuals fostered their farming framework and has developed the best yield. while the Hunza natural products are exceptionally tasty and one of a kind.

There are numerous sorts of organic products developed, eg. apricots, cherry, nectarine, peach, apple, plum berry, grapes, pear and so forth. At the point when we discuss the Hunza organic products we can not disregard Hunza apricots. Apricot trees are more normal in Hunza valley, which is well known legend product of the valley and in antiquated time was the principal wellspring of the food. hunza individuals involved apricots juice as diet they dried them in summer and involved them in winter season That is the reason they never had disease or low malignant growth rate. while the other stone organic products are additionally huge yields here.


Hunza Valley gives a fantastic natural surroundings to untamed life as snow capped brushing lands, sub-high scour and calm woods. These living spaces support various wild creatures. The regions are hard for people to get to, consequently, most untamed life is available in sensible numbers however some are imperiled.
Long Last History

Around 700 years of age verifiable structure of Baltit Stronghold is situated on the highest point of karimabad of Hunza valley. in the antiquated time, the Baltit Stronghold is utilized to be the seat of administration for the ‘mirs’ time. the illustrious family used to live altit stronghold prior to moving to Baltit Post they managed over 1000s of years in the encompassing regions.

Its extraordinary design is obliterated by the Maharaja of Kashmir and numerous different rulers on the conflict assault however, Later the Aga Khan improvement establishment reconstructed it to its unique looks.

Today it remains as an image of the district’s set of experiences and is one of the significant vacation spots in the Gilgit-Baltistan locale.

Tunnels on CPEC Route/Karakorum highway and beautiful Lakes

The seven-kilometer long five passages are important for the 24 KM long part of the Karakorum Thruway which was harmed in 2010 because of land sliding at Attabad. These passages developed by Pakistan and China government for the simple vehicle of merchandise from China to Gwadar. These passages are the indication of fellowship of Pakistan. Before these passages there was no indication of street and products were transport through boats in Attabad lake.
Hunza special Recipes

The cooking of Gilgit Baltistan is however particular as it could be remarkable. A portion of the exceptional dishes are more well known customary food dishes are : Chapshoro, Dawdoo, Chamus, Mamtoo, Sharbat, Harisa, Molida, Garma, Berikutz, Harissa, Diram, Reflect, Gooli, Suppra, Khamuloot.
Hunza Hotels Facilities

Taking into account the restriction of Inns rooms and swarmed climate, they introducing you a completely outfitted guesthouse which feels like comfortable. In the cost of some other lodging standard room, you will get the luxurious room, with every single current convenience. Quiet and Very environment amidst the Karakorum Mountains.

There are a few inns they offer standard administrations for there visitors.

Hunza Serena Motel is the best inn in the Karimabad focal Hunza, it offers 4-star standard rooms with amazing perspectives on Ultal mountain and the Baltic town, the lodging is possessed and worked by Serena lodgings. The lodgings are little however worth each second in it, one can remain seven days without getting exhausted of seeing simply the landscape of Hunza valley.

One of the most famous lodgings in Hunza valley. Situated at the focal point of Karimabad. Hunza Darbar Inn offers 40 rooms with all conveniences of a 3-star lodging.

Hunza Ridge lodging Karimabad is a 3-star inn with well disposed help great food and sensibly clean rooms. Te Lodging has a stunning perspective on Rakaposhi mountain.

Previously mountain view remodeled and changed over into a 3.5-star inn in Hunza opened in 2005 offers 3-star offices and generally excellent food. Hunza Consulate offers a heavenly perspective on Rakaposhi mountain the 27th most elevated mountain on the planet.

Hunza View Inn is a 2-star lodging in Karimabad Hunza it is found just underneath the primary town 5 minutes stroll from the principal market. It is a decent decision in the event that you really want a financial plan inn yet clean room and great food.

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