Friday, September 22, 2023
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First international flight at Skardu international Airport

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The successful touchdown of the inaugural international flight at Skardu represents a monumental juncture in history. It heralds the dawn of a fresh era, unlocking a myriad of exciting travel prospects that forge an unbreakable bond between Skardu and the worldwide populace. This remarkable achievement not only sets the stage for an influx of tourists but also cements vital linkages, enhancing global connectivity like never before.
Today’s groundbreaking event saw the much-anticipated arrival of the very first international flight originating from Dubai, with a full complement of 80 passengers. Embarking on its journey at the early hour of 4:15 am, the flight embarked on a seamless voyage, culminating in a triumphant touchdown at the Skardu International Airport at precisely 8:45 am. The culmination of this extraordinary journey not only underscores the growing significance of Skardu as an international travel hub but also underscores the remarkable potential that this new chapter holds for both local and global communities alike.



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